Today's topic is at the intersection of telephonic calls and micro-payments.Phone calls make it easy
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Today’s topic is at the intersection of telephonic calls and micro-payments.
Phone calls make it easy to reach a person in a quick and reliable way. For that reason, phone calls are going to stay here and people are going to rely on it in the future.
Because of its synchronous nature, phone calls are disruptive and cause interruption to what you are doing.
When a person calls you, they have no idea what you are doing, whether you are in a meeting, or driving, simply busy doing your work. 
When you receive a phone call you have no idea how important it is, so you end up taking the call only to realize it is from a credit card company, trying to sell you their credit card.
You might know this famous phrase “Time is Money” - first quoted by Benjamin Franklin. Here is nice article about importance of time in the modern world: link
An excerpt from the article linked above that I liked: “Time becomes the capital of trading, professional, or businessperson. The more efficient that we are with our time (the quicker that we can get our projects done), the more money we can earn.”
So, why not get paid to answer the phone calls you receive?
Idea is basically but for phone calls. According to Pew Research Center, an average adult cell phone owner makes and receives around 5 phone calls per day. If you get paid 20 cents per call, that’s 30 dollars per month!
It is not just about getting paid to answer phone calls, it is about making others value your time, thus reducing unwanted calls you receive.
But, how does it work?
Users who want to get paid, would install the app. They are then  given a free phone number and asked to setup cryptocurrency or USD wallet [Cryptocurrencies are very good candidate for doing micro payments]. 
Whenever somebody calls the free phone number you are given, their wallet balance is deducted accordingly or prompted to setup a wallet to fund the call. Once payment is succeeded, the call is forwarded to you!

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